Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Act 3

Romeo has been banned from the town and Romeo wants to see Juliet for the last time. So Romeo goes to visit Juliet (the new love of his life). I personally didn't like his decision to kill Tybalt. He should've just tryed to ignored Tybalt because he took it way too far. 

 This will be a great act because it will have action and we can see how good the actors will do on this one!


    We have made a lot of progress through this project. The actors seem to be very good and get into it. We had a little mishap but it is all good now. Also the actors seem happy with how it is going now and they want to be done recording by April the 15th I think!
   Me as a props person I'm excited that it is going well! I hope that everything will go just fine and also one of are actors will have a good surgery and come back very well! Best of luck to Ben!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Romeo and Juilet

Benvolio wants Romeo to go to the party to find a new lover. Its very hard for Romeo though because hes still in love with his ex lover! He doesnt want to talk to anyone but he finds Juilet. Romeo starts to like her and gives her compliments and flirt. Romeo finds out he can find someone else now. 
   This connects to me as an actor because actors have to act like they like someone. And then actors will have wives and they have to kiss other actresses.                             

Thursday, March 10, 2011

R&J summary!

 Gregory and Samson got in a fight and both of them bit thumbs at each other. They drew swords. And then both of them start fighting. Then in the middle of their fighting Benvolio comes and starts fight with the two.
  I can visualize this because I'm going to be a actor, I can visualize the moral of the fight. If i was one of them I would be very angry and want to fight him because they disrespected me. I would also not be happy that Benvolio joined in the fight.